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Dog displaying negative behavior? Say no more. We have a solution!

Bad Dog Behavior

Dogs are reliable and friendly pets. They are commonly referred to as “Man’s best friend” for a reason after all. However, what is not cute is when the dog displays bad behavior. This is a common problem in the dog world and over all pet community. Bad behavior in dogs can have many consequences and there have been families that gave up on their fur baby altogether. Sadly, many dogs have even been put down when the episodes got bad enough to the point where someone was bitten or injured by a dog not trained properly.

Some Common Behavioral Issues

-Dog barks uncontrollably causing noise complaints.

-Dog is chewing on things causing damages in the home.

-Dog displays aggressive or hostile behavior.

-Dog is constantly digging. (There goes the lawn!)

-Dog’s antics causing stress and frustration.

-Dog gets over excited and jumps on people uncontrollably.

-Dog constantly making whining sounds.

-Dog is always pulling on the leash.

-Dog is making you slowly give up.

-Dog may be a new puppy.

-Dog is bringing down your morale as you want a bond with him/her.

-Dog just straight up WON’T LISTEN.


Training Time and Effort

Training a dog can be very time-consuming and stressful especially if you do not have experience. I will share a personal story with such an example below this. Dog training classes can often even run hundreds upon hundreds of dollars just to start and depending on how bad the behavior is and at what pace your dog learns, can even run more. This can result in a financial burden.

Time is also of the essence. These days people are busier than ever, Almost every adult in the home working many long hours a week and kids attending school make finding the time to book classes for your dog a very difficult task. Most people wish they could just do it themselves at home so they can not only save money, but also work it around their time and schedule. Life is demanding and stressful as it is and your dog should not be a source of it. After all, most of us got our pets to make us happier and actually relieve stress.

Learning visual and verbal communication with the dog is very important. Certain hand signs should be able to direct a well-trained dog to do what you desire. The dog should also be sensitive to verbal commands as well. Initially, these commands and gestures are taught using reward treats and actually going through the motions. Getting the dog to do that certain action and learn to associate that action with the commands and physical motions utilized. Example? Palm up making the dog sit. Positive reinforcement using proper doggy treats once the dog performs to standard. Then continued training to build and enforce the habits. As with anything else, habits take time and repetition to instill.

What if you do not know where to even start? Check out my experience down below.

Our Journey With Bailey

I remember when my father brought home a malti-poo puppy to the family. We fondly named him Bailey. We were never dog owners before so this was entirely new to us. We were in for a rude awakening!

Bailey displayed all the negative behaviors listed earlier. I remember he would potty just anywhere in the house causing a lot of stress and extra work. He would become aggressive and sometimes bite us unprovoked. I recall him after being fed and petted by my sister just walking up to her and biting her ankle. One time I was rubbing his tummy and he seemed happy only to bite me so hard he broke my skin and caused bleeding. I had a small scar for about a year and change. Being around him was becoming a displeasure. He would whine and moan all night. When visitors came around he would jump on them uncontrollably until it annoyed them. When we took him for walks, he would pull aggressively on his leash making it a difficult task. When I was asleep to get up early for work, he would bark all night and keep me up. Even through the day when my father was asleep (he was an overnight worker) our dog would bark all day and keep him up leading to fatigue and frustration.

Due to our stressful work schedules and my sister being in school, it was very difficult to find the time to take him somewhere for professional training. I was broke at the time and couldn’t hire someone to come by and help. I didn’t have any friends or relatives with that type of knowledge or expertise. There were times it felt hopeless and we did discuss possibly giving him up for adoption. No one really wanted to do that but it seemed like the inevitable. Finally, with enough research and looking which was difficult as I did not have a site like this to turn to at the time, we found a program that guided us through and helped us learn all the ins and outs to training our fur baby. It was also affordable!

In the end, Bailey ended up so well-disciplined that he does the opposite of all the issues listed earlier. He can even go off-lease and he will stay by your side. I have done drills where I literally told him to “stay” and gave him a “stop” sign with my hand and went upstairs to use the bathroom just to come back and find him in the same spot sitting with his tail wagging. Big turn around from the beginning.


Use a Premium System

On this site I make the research easy by providing access to the comprehensive training that worked wonders for our baby. All you need is reliable internet access. Phone, tablet, or laptop computer will work just fine. All the training and proper certification available right at your finger tips from the comfort of YOUR HOME.

Premium Training
 <—— Bring out their best!

Additional tools/accessories (optional) :
Dog Training Collar

All In One Training Kit

Useful Pee Pads

Supplemental DVD that can help a lot.

A proper harness is always a must!

2 thoughts on “Pets Home Training -Top Dog Training”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Sylvan,

    Wow thank you! My housemate’s dog currently has issues with chewing cables, digging in the lawn and pulling on the lead. Other than that, she’s a great dog so I’m going show her Brain Training for Dogs and hopefully we can have a health dog, a healthy lawn and nice walks!

    Do you recommend that all dogs walk on a harness? Why do you prefer it over the collar?

    1. admin says:

      I’m working on an article on harness vs collar soon! I personally prefer the harness because of the fact they are generally safer for the dog. I am close friends with a dog expert who also told me the same when we first got Bailey. She said that the collar could actually hurt them or cause damage if they pull, jump, or do anything that may cause them to put force on the collar. Neck vs collar isn’t a great combination. The harness would be more comfy and you do not have to worry about them getting hurt with it. I posted a few collars on the site but I will be posting recommended harnesses soon. Thank you so much for your support and opinions!
      – Sylvan R

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