How to Train a Cat to Use the Litter Box -Home Training

You smell that? Yes you do. It is that smell that once again ruins your appetite and maybe even your latest family get together. Your cat has sprayed once again!

Cat Peeing Around the House

So your favorite feline companion has once again sprayed on tht beautiful couch you shelled out so much money for. Now it is stained and smells horrendous. Your little fur-baby has once again caused you unwanted stress by not using his or hers litter box. How aggravating it must be! Trust me, I completely understand and I was once in your shoes as well when my wife and I adopted two beautiful cats named Presley and Pixie. Cats urinating around the home not only causes bad smells and furniture stains, but can also spread bacteria which can be harmful to your felines, other pets, and even children. It is an unsanitary behavior that needs to be brought under control. First it is important to know more about the problem.

– Finding out why your cat refuses to use litter box.
– Finding the methods to teach your cat how to use the litter box.
– Understanding your cats instincts and how to use them to your teaching advantage.
– What signs to look for to determine if it may be a behavioral issue or something else altogether.
– Finding out how to eradicate the behavior through time tested safe means, herbal mixtures and remedies, and all the tricks you need to know in order to achieve this goal.

Sounds overwhelming right? Well, thats why we here at true to our name will provide you with all the tools you will need to achieve these objectives without any stress or breaking the bank. Keep reading.

Pixie and Presley

In 2018 we adopted a domestic black cat named Presley and then several months later in 2019 a young Calico cat named Pixie. The two of them played so well together and it was exactly what Presley needed. Before the arrival of Pixie, Presley would let out her pented up energy by destroying furniture and causing other damages around the home. She was ranbunctious as they came and seemed to have little to no regard for us or our home. When Pixie arrived, they would play together and burn up each others energy which effectively brought an end to the destruction. So then you wonder, what went wrong? We were in for a horrifying surprise.

Urine Everywhere!

My wife began to find smelly stains on our new sofa. Around the house we would find small smelly puddles as well. We then knew it was one of our beloved fur-babies urinating around the house. We provided full litter boxes. So why would any of them do this? Why is my cat peeing everywhere? Finally in the coming weeks, Pixie was caught red handed several times urinating in places not titled her “Litter Box”. The new challenge we faced was how to train a cat to use the litter box? I was a novice cat owner and had no idea how to potty train a cat. We had our work cut out for us now. I would google how to litter train a cat and become overwhelmed with the results. I did not know where to start or how. Cats have a psychology to them that is even more complex than that of mot other domesticated animals. They do not seem to want to hear anything and seem to not pay you any mind when you do try to teach them. Then, I found the solution.

Cat Spraying No More

I was fortunate enough to find out how to train a cat to use the litter box. Thanks to my wife and I were finally able to access valuable tools to train our baby to actually use her litter box. Before we knew it, the urinating slowed down to a stop. Now she goes and uses her littler box like she is supposed to and without anymore headaches. You owe it to your baby to pull all the stops neccesary to help them to kick their bad habit. Your fur-baby wants you to be happy, not stressed out.

All the Tools You Need

When your cats not using the litter box do NOT give up!

Additional accessories of use :

Learn how to speak to your cat!
Communication is key and this tool will help you to develop that connection with your feline and enhance that relationship which in turn will make training your cat to use the litter box a lot easier among other things.

This multi-purpose cleaner  will help keep things fresh and clean until your cat learns how to use the litter box.
Do not let those horrible stains and odors overpower you or your home!

This jumbo hooded cat litter pan is ideal for your baby!
Get the best quality litter box possible for your fur-baby. Treat them like the royalty they are and also reap the benefits of a cleaner option as this litter box features many great benefits for you.

An environmentally friendly tool to punish bad behavior.
This spray is completely harmless and can be useful whenever you catch your cat misbehaving or urinating on that lovely sofa you saved and worked so hard for. Give it a go!

Try this safe ultra-sonic training aid.
Keep an open mind and let technology be your friend. This tool is also a proven commodity that can help stop cat from peeing everywhere!

Why is my cat peeing everywhere?
Say no more with that kit that can help stop the bleeding. More tools at your disposal. Do not lose control over your home or your feline friend.

Give credit where credit is due!
Reward your feline family when they accomplish great things and do well in their training. These delicious and healthy treats are sure to not only make your cats happy, but also nourish them with savory blasts in every bite. You know you want to!

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